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So you're not Grade A material and you're happy to admit that?
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You've probably resorted to us because you're fed up of the constant feeling of inadequacy from other dating sites. Apps like Tinder work by scoring each other on looks first and personality later. So unless you take a mean selfie, that shallow lot are going to swipe left for you and swipe right on the chick with her own selfie gallery.

We don't care about looks here at If you're a Grade C or even a Grade D kind of singleton - perfect - we love you already. and start dating ugly folk who don't take themselves too seriously. Vain individuals need not apply.

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Uglyr dating

Uglyr dating Dating

You'll want to choose Dating if you are looking to date like-minded members in order to forge a meaningful relationship. Fed up of being judged on your looks all the time? Frustrated that you are left behind on other dating apps? You're not alone. Start dating people who care less what you look like and more about the kind of person you are.

Uglyr hook-ups

Uglyr hook-ups Hook-ups

Simply put, this site is for the horny uglies who are looking for nothing more than a bit of no-strings fun. Sex is sex at the end of the day. As long as you don't insist on shacking up with top catwalk models, you should come away feeling pretty satisfied! Don't expect any serious dating here. Our users just want to satisfy their sexual needs by scoring an easy lay - the dirty b*ggers!

Why ?

For years the online dating industry has been rigged for attractive people. They upload selfie after selfie - score dozens of dates - and bask in our
shallow society. Now it's time for the uglies to get a look-in. We're going against the status quo and marketing ourselves for unattractive people who want to meet up and date real people. One of the most frustrating aspects of dating apps like Tinderis the fickle behaviour it encourages by allowing users torejectscoresof people in a matter of seconds- based predominately onlooks.

It may be a winning formula for those gifted with Hollywood smiles, but for us mere mortals we're likely to get cast aside. In fact, it's estimated that only 12% of swipes on Tinder actually result in a match*.

There's no pressure on you to impress others with an array of pics before any conversation can take place. Looks take a backseat on this dating website. If you're fun, confident and proud to be ugly - what have you got to lose by creating an account and striking up a conversation with one of our members today?

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UGLYR.COM Launches to Help 'Uglier' People Find Love

Posted on 30 April 2016

A new dating site that campaigns against users rating people based on their looks has gone live today for those fed up of the constant rejection they encounter on 'shallow' online dating apps. ...

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